Executive Party Box Sessions

Executive Party Box Sessions


For years, the mysterious El Gato amassed a stockpile of discarded bits of twine, feathers, and shiny foil remnants. With these prized trifles, the mighty feline cleverly conspired to create a doomsday device capable of annihilating mankind. However, mere moments from completion, the venture hit a fatal flaw. The bits of the fluff that in theory would become a weapon of devastating capability, could in practice only be batted endlessly back and forth across the kitchen floor; an unforeseen consequence of his distinct lack of opposable thumbs.

Despondent, El Gato retired to the recording studio and began writing. Though he had failed to exterminate mankind through advanced weaponry, he became determined to punish humanity instead through song.

He is joined by producer General Electric and a revolving cache of mildly-amused guest artists as the Executive Party Box Sessions.

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