Would-be Train Robbers

Would-be Train Robbers

A Few Words:

Do you like Rock? I know that might be a loaded question. Narrow it down by category if you have to. But you know what?! Fuck that!! Musical categories are bloated concepts when it comes down to it. If you like what you hear, and it falls into a specific genre, then the rest of the conversation is filler bullshit.

Would Be Train Robbers has it figured out. They're a group who plays from the heart, and at their core are inspired from the history of great rock n' roll that came before them. Upon a quick listen one might compare the songwriting of lead singer Kolton James to Elvis Costello. Or, in this not-so-humble writers opinion, Costello if he got drunk with Richard Hell for a few months, and allowed himself to get a little sloppy every now and again. Regardless of comparisons, the strength in WBTR's songs are there. They're both familiar and new without trying so damn hard.

In Would Be Train Robbers you find a group that isn't marginalized, but instead inspired. They play rock n' roll music from the heart. Compare and contrast as much as you like, but when it comes down to it. The rest is filler.


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