2016 was a hard year for musicians. Prince. David Bowie. Leon Russell. Leonard Cohen. Miraculously, Mondo Deco managed to evade catastrophe, if only just barely. A flooded studio, crashed computer, and roadside retirement of the band-hauler all tested the band’s resolve to wrap its second studio full-length, following their debut album Pleasurefaith.

However, the year wasn’t all bad for the group. In February, they floored a packed house with a feature tribute to the recently passed David Bowie, part of an art showcase curated by (Death Rattle Roll cover artist) Melissa Uroff. Then in April, the band dropped an inspired lo-fi split EP, Supercassette H/MD (Mechanical Bull Records) alongside self-described peyote-tonkers Honyock. That was, of course, on top of a full and meandering schedule of gigs.

Amidst the chaos, they manged to complete the new album, Death Rattle Roll, engineered and produced by Scott McChane. The songs are quick and brash: bright power pop melodies with explosive drums and guitar. This bubblegum-stomp aesthetic obscures lyrics that wrestle with anxiety, addiction, paranoia and loneliness. It is the determination to push beyond these demons that drives the album with stiff-lipped defiance.

Mondo Deco will unleash Death Rattle Roll on Thursday, March 2nd 2017 with a release show at the Press Club in Sacramento. Joining them will be alternative rock band Sun Valley Gun Club and garage pop act Dog Rifle. Death Rattle Roll will release as a limited edition handmade hybrid CD with a unique disc design that allows digital play in a CD player and is grooved for use on a record turntable.

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