A Few Words:

Prieta is one of the rare bands that combine the near-impossible musical combination of raw-as-hell expression and not-raw-at-all performance polish.

The band is as tight as a frog's asshole, but not in a session guy compensated to nail the part way, and absolutely not in a quantized-and-painstakingly-time-aligned-in-DigiBaseTools-Version-7.653 way. In fact, they often swag their way behind the beat, even on their most driving tunes.

It just seems so easy for them. The nonchalance with which they just slay is as if smoothest of crooning could melt faces. Like they fell out of the womb and proceeded to fuckin' rock. The harmonies are on point. The rhythm section has all of the feels. And the overdriven tone is pure buzzsaw, but one set to its most soothing setting.

Fortunately, We have their whole catalog here. Give it a listen.


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